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6 Secrets that you may not know about Santorini
Destination: Santorini
6 Secrets that you may not know about Santorini
Similarly as with numerous destinations around the globe, Santorini is more than only a beautiful face. The island has a plethora to offer, such as historical information, geographical travel difficulties, and must-sees that exclusively the local people know about.
The island doesn't have that many blue rooftops
Most of the photos you see of Santorini is with the magnificent view of the sunset and a bunch of blue rooftops, so many that you may think the whole island is full of them. Actually, these photographs are all taken in the same vista. You can locate the bluest rooftops in of this island in Oia-Town.
A few believe Atlantis is located around Santorini
Numerous think you can located the mythical remains of Atlantis covered underneath the ocean around Santorini, and that the now visitors popular spot area was once really known as the mythical area a lot of explorers are looking for. The story of Atlantis has many similarities with Santorini. On the one hand, Santorini was demolished by a series of eruptions a huge number of years ago. On the other hand, Atlantis sunk deep under the ocean after its citizens maddened the gods. Regardless of where your belief lies, you can discover your "heaven lost" in Santorini.
Tsunami that happened thousands of years ago, has still each effects
Even now you can observe a few effects of the tsunami that happened thousands of years ago in the area of Crete that lead to the creation of archipelago that currently Santorini is located. Researchers found a layer of seabed 65 feet underneath the water's surface with elements of gravels and stones with mollusks and different living beings situated in a similar direction (demonstrating powerful streams of water passing over an area very rapidly).
Early Santorinians slept in "Cave Houses"
In order to resist the hard weather, Santorinians made their homes inside the island's volcanic walls. Visiting the island and you will definitely see these caves and even stay there, the majority of them have turned out as apartments for visitors but much more luxurious than they used to be.
Local wine tastes better because of the island's volcanic landscape
The volcanic scene offers a fascination situation for agriculture, that's why their local wine is famous around the world over its extraordinary taste. The earth on Santorini is called 'aspa', and is comprised of volcanic ash, pumice stone and little bits of harden sand and lava. This blend doesn't have large portion of the most nutrients we commonly expect in soil, however is rich in mineral. Rain doesn't happen much, making these wines moderately difficult to get. Beside rain, developing areas get moisture from an abnormal phenomenon named ocean fog, a blend of air from the alive volcano and the encompassing area.
Santorini has "mystery" hot springs
They may not be absolutely mystery considering the whole island is a volcanic rock, however they aren't known as Iceland's hot spring lagoons. You'll understand when you're swimming into the island's hotter waters that the color change, from a dynamic blue into a dark brown.

 Photo credits: The Tsitouras Collection Hotel



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6 Secrets that you may not know about Santorini
Destination: Santorini
Similarly as with numerous destinations around the globe, Santorini is more than only a beautiful face
The great vines among the blazing volcanoes
Destination: Santorini
Most of the people when they hear Santorini island, the magnificent view of the famous Caldera comes in mind. It's true that this view is breathtaking and no one should blame them for thinking that, but here at Tailored Myth we want to show you what really made Santorini famous and recognizable amongst the islands in Mediterranean, and this is the wine that Santorini produces...


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