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Dozens Admirable microcosms, one destination!
Destination: Chalkidiki
Dozens Admirable microcosms, one destination!
The peninsula of Chalkidiki located in the north of Greece, unfolds its beauty and invite travelers to wander in these dreamy neighborhoods.
The admirable nature
It's not common for a place to have so many natural and historical treasures. Every corner of this district has a different charm and is ideal for new travel experiences. Thousands acres of unexplored forests cover the slopes that cross streams and trails. Pines and olive trees reach the magnificent sea with the crystal clear water and the endless sandy beaches, while the idyllic coves and small islands provide great opportunities for an escape out of the ordinary.
Unique combination of experiences
In this place the options that the visitor can make are limitless. Can get "lost" and meditate for hours under the shade of the pines in one of the secluded beaches that this place has or can get amused by the sounds of music at a beach bar in one of the crowded beaches of Chalkidiki. Can enjoy the sea while doing some water sports or by exploring the seabed or explore the stone streets of traditional villages with view of the open sea. Will the traveler prefer the gourmet restaurants or traditional taverns? Chalkidiki has excellent eateries for every kind of traveler. Will the traveler prefer to enjoy the lively night life or the romantic walks? Maybe prefer to visit archaeological sites of inestimable cultural value. Whatever the traveler wants to do or wants to see, can be found in Chalkidiki!
The diversity of Chalkidiki in combination with people's actions will satisfy even the most demanding guest. Cosmopolitanism with respect to tradition, modern fully organized beaches but also paradisaical beaches, luxury and high sense of proportion and elegance.



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Destination: Chalkidiki
Halkidiki is a great destination of Greece and attracts many tourists every year. Thus, as Tailored Myth we collected some of the finest things visitors can do during their stay in the first finger of Halkidiki...
Dozens Admirable microcosms, one destination!
Destination: Chalkidiki
The peninsula of Halkidiki located in the north of Greece, unfolds its beauty and invite travelers to wander in these dreamy neighborhoods...


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