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More than the first "finger"
Destination: Chalkidiki
More than the first
Chalkidiki is a great destination of Greece and attracts many tourists every year. Thus, as Tailored Myth we collected some of the finest things visitors can do during their stay in the first finger of Chalkidiki.
Wine Tasting Tours
Through your wine tasting journey you will pass through mountains, vineyards, forests, beautiful gardens and fruit farms. You'll see Poligiros, the capital of Chalkidiki, and you'll proceed to the pleasant Arnea, really popular for its superior wines and marvelous fabrics. You can meet with individuals from the nearby wine union for a wine tasting. You can also combine your journey in order to see the sights of Thessaloniki with a visit to the little town of Epanomi and a voyage through a nearby winery.
Bousoulas Bird Sanctuary Hiking Trail
This is a simple stroll through the forested areas which surround the lengthy sandy Bousoulas beach, with perspectives over the wetlands and the bird sanctuary. You can easily go for a dive and relax under the natural shade of the trees. Finally, this trail wanders through the wetland bird sanctuary, which extends over hundreds of acres and has been proclaimed an European Important Bird Area, by the global organization 'Bird Life International' and also this territory is being a Natura protected area. This area is home to more than 180 various types of birds and its perfect for bird watching. Some of the birds that live there are swans, black winged stilts and little egrets. Guests are requested to remain focused on a specific pathway so that they will not disturb or hurt any nest and threaten the wildlife.
Sithonia Peninsula and Parthenon Village Journey
Appreciate the continually changing scene pass you by on this great day journey towards Porto Koufo, there you'll locate some amazing landscape and wonderful perspectives over the southern tip of this peninsula. Sithonia village is more tough than the Kassandra chersonese, thus has lower population. The view has been compared to that of Switzerland where the pine trees frame a scenery to the desolated beaches. The Parthenon of the north Parthenonas, located 10km from Marmaras -a deserted and forgotten town until the late 1980s-, is certainly worth investigating. This is a town with bizarre excellence, traditional architecture with stoned-paved avenues and breathtaking perspectives over the Aegean.
Athitos Village Journey
Athitos villages is located only 15km from Sani and is a standout amongst the most beautiful villages in Chalkidiki. The architectural structure of the village with the old stone- manufactured houses, differentiates it from anything else around. You can walk around the cobblestone streets , noticing the blossoms that are all over the place and unwind at one of the traditional taverns. The view of this town is the peninsula of Sithonia and offers an awesome view of the Toroneos Gulf. It's the perfect way to unwind on some the beautiful beach bars and enjoy the crystal clear waters.
Thessaloniki Journey
Thessaloniki, the second biggest city of Greece is a beautiful city and if you are near is a great way to visit it. It offers a wealth cultural and historical legacy along with cosmopolitan life. On this journey, you'll see the trademark of Thessaloniki- the White Tower, the Archeological Museum, and the best churches that stand such as St. Dimitrios at the end you can climb up the highest point of Thessaloniki-the Acropolis- and admire the magnificent panoramic view. Most of the visitors, at the end, they have time to relax at the cafes downtown and enjoy shopping.



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More than the first
Destination: Chalkidiki
Halkidiki is a great destination of Greece and attracts many tourists every year. Thus, as Tailored Myth we collected some of the finest things visitors can do during their stay in the first finger of Halkidiki...
Dozens Admirable microcosms, one destination!
Destination: Chalkidiki
The peninsula of Halkidiki located in the north of Greece, unfolds its beauty and invite travelers to wander in these dreamy neighborhoods...


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