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The 3 Strong Castles lasting through the ages
Destination: Peloponnese
The 3 Strong Castles lasting through the ages
In southerly you can find Neokastro and on north you will see Paleokastro, the elongated island of Sphaktirias in front of Navarinos bay. There, in 1827 happened the famous battle where during the battle Pylos was being protected in the depth of the bay. By walking in this area you will pleased to see many neoclassical and traditional stone houses with great street plan. Near the central square of the village you can relax under the shadow of the enduring plane trees and admire the impressive monument in honor of the head of the allied fleet, admiral Kodrigkton, Derigny and Cheiden. Exploring the village you will see many uphills that lead in narrow alleys with low houses and flourishing yards. A bit further is Gialova, with its famous lagoon and its popular Voidokilia beach. Northern you will find Petrochori village and Romanos village. In Pylos and in the villages near it there is something for everyone, whatever interest you may have and with the available budget, you can create unforgettable vacations.
Koroni is a beautiful place in the southern part of Pelloponnese.It has been build amphitheatrically and has many uphills and downhills that give you the sense of being on an island. The trademark of this charming place is the castle that is in the eminence and the pedestrian zone bellow, in the port that has many fishing boats. In this pedestrian zone you will find the stigma of this city, many events happen there with music, dancing, painting exhibition and of course from there you can buy excellent local products such as olive oil, honey, cheese and pasta.
Methoni is in the south part of Pelloponnese and its a small, flat village with some interesting points to see. The Kapodistrian School, the picturesque central square of the village from where the huge beach starts, the small tourist infrastructure that shows signs of improvements over the last years, small taverns with local cuisine and the small island of Sapientzas that is across. Above all is the castle of Methoni that was built in the mid thirteenth century by the Venetians on a rocky projection. This castle is amongst the biggest in the Mediterranean.



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Why Nafplio deserves a visit
Destination: Peloponnese
When you travel to Peloponnese your first stop should be Nafplio. The district has many attractive small ports, for example Yithio in the Mani and Pylos, that from there you can see where the battle of Navarino was attacked in 1827...
The 3 Strong Castles lasting through the ages
Destination: Peloponnese
Get to know the 3 castles lasting through the ages, Pylos, Koroni and Methoni...


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